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Rev. Dovid Jubiler, his wife Elisheva and their three children began in July 2005 years ago with the Paarl Wellington Jewish community. Blessed with a fourth child soon after their arrival they are now a family of six with two sons - Moshe-Zundel (18) and Simcho-Leib (16) and two daughters Devorah Yehudis Brocha (14) and Shoshanna-Esta (10). . . Having learned at Ohr Some'ach Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Dovid brings a rich tradition of Orthodox Judaism to the small community which is situated a mere 60km from busy Cape Town. He says "When the Jewish people get tired of the hustle and bustle, the crime and grime of the city, we will be waiting for them in our beautiful part of the Winelands" . . . . We have the full facilities to cater for a larger community and are quite willing to adapt our services to accommodate the growth of our minyonim.

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